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Unlimited RCI Apartments without all of the ownership costs.

For less than the cost of an average management fee for one year, you could be a Travel-Perks Lifetime member with no yearly running cost or fee.

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Travel-Perks Resort Holidays & Time Travellers Special Offer

Travel-Perks Members access quality Resort Holidays at really amazing prices year round. Here is your chance to grab a Platinum Lifetime Membership for just $495 / £365 by entering the discount code; timetravel at the checkout below or on the joining page.

Your Travel-Perks video below is your complete tour of what you get

Join Travel-Perks TODAY using the code : timetravel and save $1900 / £1550 on a Platinum Lifetime membership, with no monthly or yearly fees ever.

Just a one time payment of $495 / £365 and your membership is instant. You could be booking your RCI Holiday in minutes.

Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations for you, your family, your friends, one membership for all
Travel-Perks for you, your family, your friends, one membership for all.

Travel-Perks – a revolutionary way to take RCI Holidays.

Because you don’t have to first buy and then trade in a week of property ownership it has a whole series of advantages and cost savings, yet you can take the same RCI holidays without the all those ownership costs.

You don’t need a calculator to see the stunning difference in savings Travel-Perks members have.

Let’s compare holiday ownership with all it’s costs, complex exchange rules, liabilities and limitations with Travel-Perks


A small (less than an average management fee, see offer) once only Payment with no yearly fees ever.

No Property No yearly fees to pay, no worries about upkeep or liabilities to the family (it is free to will with no liabilities as there are no fees!). You are as free as a bird. Even better there are no rising fees or costs every year, ever mounting. Nothing, no fees, no running costs £0. Nice.

Join Travel-Perks online in minutes and get instantaneous access to your Travel-Perks Platinum account. Literally in 10 minutes from now you could be booking RCI apartments for you and your family and friends. No restrictions and unlimited bookings in any year. No commitments – once a member if you never use it, you pay nothing, £0.

Travel-Perks members don’t need an ownership, you simply look for what you want on RCI and book it there and then, with weeks starting at £225 per apartment per week which is less than owners pay for the average yearly management fee. And no guest certificate costs. You are booking without management or exchange costs or restrictions. Look Book Go, you can even hold for 24 hours whilst you get your flights.

Holiday Ownership

A capital property outlay with YEARLY property and resort upkeep costs and membership fees.

Property to maintain, so management fees every year, that means management fees to go up and up whilst you are locked to the upkeep costs. Because you own a property and so you have to pay all the staff costs, pool cleaning or golf course upkeep and it always goes up year on year!

Timeshare. Binding contracts to sign, Club rules, long timeshare sales presentations or trusting your reseller, long term commitments and no waiting months for your property and the chance to see what you qualify for in RCI. Owners pay huge management fees and yearly subscription fees and you’ll pay to exchange your week to go elsewhere.

Timeshare Owners get a like for like RCI exchange, for a fee you can get back out what you put in, whether that is a quality level or an apartment size or a resort ambiance and facilities. When you get a match with a week or enough points you pay the fee and get a week. If you are letting friends use it they have a guest certificate fee. You can only book what you are entitled to and to get more exchange access you will need to buy another property…

Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations Vs Holiday Ownership
Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations Vs Holiday Ownership

See the online brochure or download as pdf

Let’s have a quick fun browse through some resorts on Travel-Perks and a search through Portugal and the Canary Isles resorts too

Imagine a world where you can book a whole week in an RCI Resort Apartment Suite from just £225 per apartment per week….

Just imagine being a Travel-Perks Worldwide Holiday Resorts Member.

  • Thousands of RCI Holiday Resorts around the world to choose in the UK, US, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia and so much more.
  • Resort Holiday Apartment Suites – Home from home comforts
  • Choose studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroomed apartment suites
  • Travel-Perks resort holiday weeks are located in popular destinations all around the world.
  • Holidays usually start on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday and last for seven nights with weekly rates from just £ 225 per apartment per week
  • All prices are shown per apartment per stay, you can vacation as a single on your own or with up to 8 people, same cost all from just £ 225 per week per apartment suite
  • Resort Directory as well as dynamic live booking feeds. Look and book instantly
  • Book 3 to 360 days in advance

No Yearly subscription fees in the lifetime offer, see video for details.

Here is the offer that can change the way you holiday forever and save you thousands in the process.

You can join today using the discount code; timetravel in the Platinum purchase choice. This sets the one time payment to $495 (roughly £ 365 depending on exchange rate). This saves you $1,900 on the usual Platinum price ($2,395)

Once a member you can choose which RCI search currency to use, the three choices are gbp £, US $ and Euros €

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Travel-Perks Accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, EnRoute, and JCB or you can use PayPal to Join us.

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We offer spacious RCI Resort Vacation Accommodations, from just £ 225 per apartment week, without the commitments or running costs of other Resort Vacation Clubs

Enjoy all the comforts of home, apartment suites may include a kitchen, washer/dryer, multiple bedrooms, en-suites, balconies, patios, verandas or gardens and of course the amenities of a Resort Vacation, such as a swimming pools, workout facility, Restaurants and other great onsite activities as per each Vacation Resort. Watch the video and see our brochure for full details