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Terms And Conditions of Membership and the Travel Perks Program


These Terms and Conditions of Travel Perks Membership set forth is a legally binding contract between Nest Developer Services Limited trading as Travel Perks (“Travel Perks” or we) and each person who applies or is accepted as a member of the Travel Perks Program (Members, Member or you).

The Travel Perks Program:

Travel Perks allows members to book and reserve (discounted) and available quality Resort Timeshare Vacation Accommodation. Travel Perks makes available to its members, through RCI Europe Limited (“RCI”) , on its website, a list of resorts in which vacation accommodation is or will be available for the purpose of rental.

Travel Perks is only responsible for written representations that it makes concerning the Travel Perks Program, and is not responsible for any representations made by any other person or entity.

To book each holiday, the Member shall pay a rental Fee online at the time of booking, which shall be non-refundable upon confirmation of the booking.


Applying for Membership:

a) To become a Member, an enrolment application and the applicable initiation and subscription fees must be submitted to Travel Perks by you or our agent on your behalf and accepted by Travel Perks . Travel Perks reserves the right to refuse any application and the applicable fees.

b) Membership must be in the name of an individual(s). If a corporation, partnership, trust or other entity applies, an enrolment application must be in the name a officer, partner or trustee, and Travel Perks shall be entitled to treat such individual as the Member for all purposes.

c) Up to two individuals who reside at the same address may apply for a single membership.

d) Renewing a Membership: Continuing membership is conditioned upon the payment of all fees or any other charges due to Travel Perks including the applicable annual membership fee (if applicable).

Travel Perks  and the accommodating party, RCI, are separate and distinct entities, and The Travel Perks Program is separate and distinct from the products or services that are sold by or on behalf of the Vacation Resort or the accommodating party.

Additional Terms:

We are only responsible for written representations that we make and are not responsible for any representations made by any other person or entity. Information about resorts and other accommodations available hereunder is based on information obtained from such resorts and/or providers of such accommodation. We expressly disclaim liability for inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information concerning any resort or provider of accommodation.

Confirmations issued hereunder are valid only if issued by the Accommodation Provider, RCI. Upon receipt, please check all the details in the Confirmation and notify us immediately if anything is incorrect, as changes to any aspect of the Confirmation may be treated as a cancellation.

The total number of people occupying any accommodation(s) must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the particular accommodation(s) set forth in the Confirmation; otherwise, access may be refused or the applicable resort or provider of the accommodations may levy an additional charge.

You are responsible for payment of any applicable taxes, gratuities, personal expenses, utility charges, security deposits and other fees or charges levied by a resort and/or provider of accommodations for the use of amenities and facilities. You and your guests must occupy and use any accommodations in a responsible, careful and secure manner.

You are responsible for any acts and omissions, which result in any damage, theft or loss caused by you or your guests while using the accommodations. You must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age to confirm a vacation. In some instances, the minimum age to make a reservation may be higher where required by a resort or other provider of accommodations.

Any complaints about the accommodations or services provided at a resort should be made at the earliest opportunity to a person in authority at the resort and to the accommodation provider.

A Confirmation may not be used for any commercial purpose, including rental or sale of the accommodation(s) which is/are represented by such Confirmation. A Confirmation may only be used by the person whose name(s) appears on the Confirmation.